Company History

The Composite Panel Services business was established in 1997 when the use of insulated panels centred predominantly on the food industry and temperature controlled environments. Since then, with the development and enhancement of a variety of panel types, alongside changes in building codes, fire legislation and environmental policies, the business operates across a diverse range of industries and sectors.

We now have a customer base which includes clients as wide ranging as Data Centres, Healthcare facilities, Utility companies, Pharmaceutical manufacturers as well as manufacturing, retail and the security rated installation market. In addition to this, during the summer of 2015, the company will undertake its first project in the sphere of offsite manufacture- to provide an innovative and affordable solution at one of the UK’s leading landmarks.

Given their flexibility, affordability and speed of installation, composite panels have now long been regarded by specifiers as a preferred build method and CPS have been at the forefront of this rapidly growing market. Many thousands of square metres of different product types have now been installed across the UK and Europe and CPS are extremely proud of their prestigious client list.

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