As the threat of terrorist attack and vandalism escalates, CPS have been at the forefront of providing composite panel installations which help their clients to safeguard their property and assets.

One sector particularly mindful of such activity is the utilities market which provides the UK with essential services and are critical for the protection of national infrastructure.

The water industry is one such provider and CPS have worked for a number of different water authorities across a range of installation types to provide “building hardening.” In many cases, the installations have been retro-fitted to existing premises or have been in remote locations, both of which have provided the business with a variety of different challenges.

A number of the projects have had external facades and as a consequence the choice of finishing materials has been critical to ensure good weather-ability ability alongside aesthetics which have been sympathetic to the local environment.

CPS have extensive knowledge of the standards and regulations which must be adhered to and a large number of our staff carry the “Blue Water” scheme card.

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