Predominantly constructed of mineral wool panel types, CPS can offer fire stopping walls and systems rated up to 4 hours. This means we are able to satisfy insurer and client demands for a range of environments. The panels offer a cost effective alternative to more traditional build methods and due to their pre-finished surface coatings negate the need for further trades or finishing products.

CPS’ experienced installation teams ensure that all penetrations, junctions and seals are finished using fully approved and compliant materials to complete the installation.

Where appropriate and when required, CPS will also organise and install secondary steelwork.

Once installed, CPS firewalls provide an easily maintained, accredited and quality assured construction which is also fully demountable and recyclable.

Our firewalls have been installed in a range of different applications including Data Centres, Warehouse partitioning, lift and stairwells, high risk separation and as partitioning in retail and commercial application.

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